Absolutely Innocent, Inc. seeks to educate the public, New York area policymakers, and other key stakeholders about issues relating to the impact of prosecutorial and police misconduct on the falsely convicted, and the need to prevent such misconduct. 

Educational initiatives and research efforts will be led by the organization’s directors to ensure accuracy and relevance to the community we serve. These initiatives will range from online educational material to free community workshops held at area community centers. We will:

  • Create unique material from exonerees and families’ direct experience to effectively educate the public.
  • Facilitate classes that educate family members on civic activities that affect the criminal justice process, such as jury duty and voting. We hope to train family members to become voices for the voiceless and advocates for the innocent.
  • Presenting events that educate the general public about the condition within law enforcement that creates wrongful convictions.
    Absolutely Innocent seeks to remove the stigma of “everyone’s guilty within the system” through events led by those directly impacted, such as panel discussions and film screenings that lay bare the facts of wrongful conviction.