What We Do

Absolutely Innocent, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization serving wrongfully convicted persons in New York and their families. Founded and run by individuals who were themselves victimized by wrongful convictions, Absolutely Innocent offers hope and practical assistance to wrongfully convicted prisoners seeking exoneration, and to their families offers community, a platform for mutual support, and education.

Our Mission:

  • Provide investigatory, research, and pre-litigation assistance to innocent prisoners in New York State seeking exoneration.
  • Organize and mobilize the community of those directly impacted and their families, and provide education about the issues surrounding wrongful convictions.
  • Create a strong support network for families.
  • Educate the public about the current prosecutorial and judicial policies that result in wrongful conviction.
  • Seek resolution in the political arena.

  • Our Goals 
    Absolutely Innocent focuses on providing people in the wrongful conviction arena the resources and preparation necessary to obtain exoneration of the innocent. We seek not only to empower the wrongfully convicted but also to empower their families and communities with information, support, and tools enabling them to engage in the process. Our primary goals are to exonerate the innocent and to reform the system that wrongfully convicted them. Our directors, volunteers, and community partners will work together to achieve these goals.

  • We envision a unified family collective that will work together and empower each other.
  • We want to provide family members a safe space and resources to work collectively in defense of their loved ones, and to support each other in a therapeutic structure.
  • We provide complete pre-litigation help, including investigatory work, research, and document preparation that can assist family members with the resources and possible legal representation to effect the exoneration of the innocent.
  • We seek to educate families as well as the public in the importance of civil rights and civic duties, and train them to understand the structure of government and society.
  • We want to train people with direct experience of wrongful conviction to be voices for reform, to teach them how to best reach out to the public, the media, legislatures, and the judiciary.