Who We Are

Absolutely Innocent, Inc. was founded by Zulay Velazquez, Shabaka, Shakur, and Exonoree, Wrongful Conviction Activist, in July 2015.

Zulay Velazquez
Wrongful Conviction Activist
President and Co-founder


Zulay Velazquez is a wrongful conviction activist. Her passion for the issue of wrongful convictions stems from her marriage to Jon-Adrian Velazquez (http://www.freejonadrianvelazquez.org/) and is currently fighting to prove his innocence. Though they are no longer together, Zulay decided to continue her activism for this important cause. She started her work in February 2012 and has since organized awareness marches, supported exonerees in court and attended panel discussions, homecomings, documentary screenings and speaking engagements. She also currently has an active caseload of families and advocates she works with on a continual basis. Read more…

Shabaka Shakur, Exoneree
Wrongful Conviction Activist
Treasurer and Co-founder


Shabaka Shakur is an exonoree who served 27 and 1/2 years in the New York State maximum security prison system for a double homicide he did not commit. During that time Shabaka was able to obtain a college degree and took legal classes to better understand the law. He obtained a job in the prison law library as a law clerk and after numerous years of litigating on his own behalf, was able to re-open his case for review. Read more…

Anthony Ortiz, Exoneree
Wrongful Conviction Activist
Board Member – Secretary

My name is Anthony Ortiz, and I was born & raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I’m a 45 year old exoneree, who spent 20 years in prison for a crime I did not commit. In 1990, then only aged 20, based upon the sole word of a drug addicted informant, both myself and a friend, Danny Colon, were wrongfully accused, tried and convicted of two counts of murder and attempted murder in a drive-by shooting. Both myself and Colon were each sentenced to 50 years to life.

Years later, in 2003, the prosecution’s key informant witness recanted, admitted to lying about the extent of deals given to him in exchange for his testimony and lying about the admissions of guilt made to him by myself and Colon. The same person also revealed that the prosecutor engaged in a pattern of deliberate and/or official misconduct by admitting evidence known, or that should have been known, to be false. Read more…

Advisory Board


Five Mualimm-ak is a Human Rights Advocate & the founder of the Incarcerated Nation Corp. a collective of those most experienced with incarceration supporting projects that provide direct service to those incarcerated. After returning directly from isolation, the end of a wrongful incarceration, five now works to support those who return to society from solitary confinement/incarceration. Read more…