Advisory Board


Mr. Five Mualimn-Ak

Five Mualimm-ak is a Human Rights Advocate & the founder of the Incarcerated Nation Corp. a collective of those most experienced with incarceration supporting projects that provide direct service to those incarcerated. After returning directly from isolation, the end of a wrongful incarceration, five now works to support those who return to society from solitary confinement/incarceration.

Educating the community & Universities nationally around solitary confinement & mass incarceration; bringing the voice of those previously incarcerated into the classroom.

Five is a national Human Rights Advocate with the ACLU & NRCAT working to end isolated confinement nationally.

The Guardian

Going Home (a short doc)
Inside out / Solitary confinement



Lonnie Soury
Media Relations

Lonnie Soury is President of Soury Communications, Inc., a full service communications company specializing in public relations, public policy, government affairs, media and crisis communication, advertising, marketing and special events.

Mr. Soury has thirty years experience in the communications field, having managed some of the industry’s largest and most prominent businesses.

Mr. Soury is an expert in media relations and public policy. He has handled public relations for General Motors Company, the JRR Tolkien and Bob Marley estates, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, the government of the US Virgin Islands, JVC Electronics, SPIN Magazine. He worked with actors Christopher Reeve and Dudley Moore in managing the public issues surrounding their respective personal struggles. Soury led the public campaign to free Marty Tankleff and Damien Echols of the West Memphis 3 in their wrongful conviction cases. He has also represented Ticketmaster, the Mohegan Sun Casino, Grammy Awards, AETNA Health, Warner Music Group, and Sun International Hotels.

Mr. Soury was a public affairs director in government where he served in three mayoral administrations. He managed the public policy strategies for some of the most sensitive and important issues in government, from land use and planning to race and ethnic relations.

Lonnie Soury is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of SUNY at Buffalo. He received his MSW in Community and Social Planning.

Mr. Soury has taught CLE courses for For further information, click here. He also recently participated in a presentation at Brandeis University with West Memphis 3’s Damien Echols.